WB Aided School Teachers General Transfer

 Information related to General Transfer [ Posted : 08/08/2014 ] 

List of Candidates whose Part-A & Part-B have been received at the Regional Office via respective D.I. (SE) but no Demand Draft (Application Fee) received at the Central Office, Saltlake. http://westbengalssc.org/wbssc/download/NO_DRAFT_GT_2014.pdf
List of Candidates whose Demand Draft (Application Fee) have been received at the Central Office, Saltlake but Part-A & Part-B has not been received at the Regional Office via D.I.(SE). http://westbengalssc.org/wbssc/download/NO_FORM_GT_2014.pdf

LINK FOR FINAL VACANCY LIST : http://www.westbengalssc.com/sscorg/wbssc/detailedVacancyGT/



Public Notice for General Transfer:


Previous Provisional List

EASTERN http://www.westbengalssc.org/wbssc/download/PROVISIONAL_VACANCY_LIST_FOR_GT_ER.pdf

NORTHERN http://www.westbengalssc.org/wbssc/download/PROVISIONAL_VACANCY_LIST_FOR_GT_NR.pdf

SOUTH EASTERN http://www.westbengalssc.com/sscorg/wbssc/download/gtvac/PROVISIONAL_VACANCY_LIST_FOR_GT_SER.pdf

SOUTHERN http://www.westbengalssc.org/wbssc/download/PROVISIONAL_VACANCY_LIST_FOR_GT_SR.pdf

WESTERN http://www.westbengalssc.com/sscorg/wbssc/download/gtvac/PROVISIONAL_VACANCY_LIST_FOR_GT_WR.pdf

Application for Demand Draft Entry and Login ID generation
Important Instruction (Read Carefully Before Primary Application)

  • Please be sure that you fulfill all the requisite eligibility criteria as per The West Bengal General Transfer Rule, 2013.
  • Please keep your NOC certificate and Demand Draft Details ready.
  • Please enter all the information during Primary Application to avoid REJECTION by the System.
  • Do not forget to get the Printout after successfull submission of online form.

LINK FOR DEMAND DRAFT ENTRY & LOGIN ID GENERATION: http://www.westbengalssc.com/sscorg/wbssc/gtprimaryentry/

General Transfer from 25 th January 2014. Public Notice for clarification of issuing NOC and others FINAL NOTICE: http://generaltransfer.in/download/ADVERTISEMENT_NOTICE_FOR_GENERAL_TRANSFER_FINAL.pdf Head Master’s Certificate Proforma for GT of Assistant Teacher: http://generaltransfer.in/download/Proforma_final.pdf General Transfer and Mutual Transfer. Rules of general transfer http://www.westbengalssc.com/wbssc/download/general-transfer/general%20transfer.pdf Source: www.westbengalssc.com HELP DESK : http://www.wbsschelpdesk.com/support/ It is good news for school teachers of West Bengal (non-gov) aided school teachers. They are now eligible for general transfer. They can choose their school of preference. Senior teachers and women are get more priority in this case. General transfer bill is already passed. G.O. of general transfer is also available. General transfer is coming true in few days. Application form for general transfer of WB school teachers will be available soon. For latest updates about this visit this website frequently. Best of luck. Hoping working school is near residence.


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