General Transfer on Special Ground

General Transfer on Special Ground

4. General Transfer on Special ground —(1) An incumbent belonging to the following categories may apply for transfer on any of the special grounds, namely:-

a) Any teacher or non-teaching staff or his/her son/daughter or spouse suffering from malignant diseases, heart diseases, renal failure, thalassemia, replacement of organ, serious gynecological disorder or physically disablement of 40% or more or to assist in proper treatment of self or his/her son/daughter or spouse;

b) Any women teacher or non-teaching staff whose husband died prematurely or divorced or is a victim of crime;

c) Teachers or non-teaching staff serving in Aided/Sponsored schools where the serving places of the spouses are away beyond 50 KMs.

(2) In respect of special ground mentioned in clause (a) of sub-rule (1), the State Government may cause medical enquiry for satisfaction on urgency of transfer of a teacher.

(3) In respect of special ground Victim of crime mentioned in clause (b) of sub-rule (1), the application may be considered, where FIR has been lodged and case has been instituted.

(4) In respect of special ground mentioned in clause (c) of sub-rule (1), 10% of the applications on this special grounds shall be considered by the West Bengal School Service Commission for recommendation in a year on receiving applications after publication of notice of General Transfer and Only one member of the spouse may apply for general transfer under this special ground and priority shall be given to the senior most applicant serving maximum period in the present place of posting at a maximum distance to the proposed place of posting in comparison to others.

Detailed Application Procedure will be given in this website very soon. Please visit later.

Download G.O. of General Transfer: General_Transfer_on_Special_Ground,  Source


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