General Transfer and Mutual Transfer

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E. Category:  General /SC /ST/OBC/PH
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  • niranjan mandal

    general transfer may be welcome to a teacher/madam in future, if it will be sure to avail the said matter; there is need to start general transfer at first for the vacant post before the appointment by wbssc, nor the teacher/madam can’t get chance transfer as the cause of less vacancy. there need to consider atfirst those who stay a lot of long distance from home. but almost the general transfer is always welcome to us who stay a very very long distance( stay near about 950KMS distanc). so general transfer of asstt. teacher of wb is welcome to me, it is a well thinking about teaching & teachers’ of vry very long distance holder.

    • Sociology,bankura r kotalpur theke east-midnapur jete

      • Sociology,kotalpur theke purba-midpr jete

        • Sociology,ami near arambag o bisnupur station kotalpur theke east-midnapur jete

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